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Why I Love Fall?

In my childhood, I cherished summer, but as I matured, a growing affection developed for another season—the fall. Over time, I came to embrace the beauty, wonders, and all that fall has to offer.

Transitioning back to a structured routine post-summer brings me a sense of solace and mental clarity. The crisp mornings and cooler nights offer more than just a change in temperature, they offer mental health benefits. Embracing nature during this time has been associated with substantial improvements in our overall happiness, well-being, relationships, and our sense of purpose.

Fall provides an opportunity for introspection, allowing us to assess our mindset and coping skills for the forthcoming "darker" winter months. Interestingly, in Chinese medicine, fall is regarded as the season of the lungs. Recognizing the importance of caring for our lungs becomes increasingly evident. Our well-being is intrinsically tied to the quality of our breath, and nurturing this aspect of our health becomes a priority.

The shedding of leaves by the trees serves as a reminder that letting go is an intrinsic part of life's cycle. Fall grants us the chance to identify our priorities for the coming months and contemplate fresh beginnings.

As autumn arrives, most people return to their regular routines, facilitating easier social gatherings and opportunities to reconnect with friends. These moments bring me joy and gratitude.

Whatever the reason might be, fall always gives me the inspiration to try something new, adopt a new healthy habit, take a new experience or visit a new place. I hope it does the same for you!

Happy Fall,

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