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What is Life Coaching?

Often, when I meet people they believe coaching and talking to a friend/partner is the same and will have the same effect, but this is not true. Coaching has a very different approach based on commitment, trust, time and results.

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), “the powerful difference between a regular conversation and a coaching conversation is that a coaching conversation has an outcome. The coach partners with his or her clients to establish a meaningful outcome for each session that helps them to make progress towards their overarching goal for the coaching engagement.”

The coaching relationship is a partnership between the coach and the client. It is based on trust. The coach needs to be a good listener, non-judgmental and capable of thinking out of the box. This is necessary for the coach to empower the client to make decisions that will positively impact their lives. The client agrees to be accountable for their actions so they can commit and participate to receive positive results.

More specifically, The Core Energy Coaching process focuses on change and accepts that change will always occur. The process helps bring out the potential in a client, be it a person, couple or family. The main focus of the coaching process is to empower the client.

So what is the difference between a coach and therapist?

Therapists are trained to help with serious mental health issues, while coaching is primarily concerned with the present and future, not the past. In coaching, you might have homework and you set goals for the coaching engagement. Coaching is not meant to go forever. Very often, the coach holds up a mirror to the client.

What is your experience with life coaching?

We want to understand better what others experience with life coaching is and how it can be improved. As part of a study on life coaching, we want to hear from those who have experience in coaching to see what they found useful and what they believe could be improved.

Comment down below if you have had any experience with life coaching. Tell us a little about yourself! What was it like during your coaching? Is there something else you would like to get out of coaching? What kind of result would you like to see with coaching-- long-term, short term?


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